Welcome to our support page. Before contacting us, please review our Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login?

After you enroll it can take 24 to 48 hours to create your account. We will email you with instructions, along with your member ID. You only have to input your member ID once, then you can set your own username and password for convenient access to the site or on our app.

How do I use the mobile app?

After you've signed up for the service download the "My Deals" app available for both IOS and Android. You will need to wait to receive your confirmation email from us with your member ID in order to access the app. A link to the app will come in your confirmation email along with your member ID.

Can I cancel my membership?

Savings Dragon members can cancel any time - Hassle Free. (Not that you'd ever want to!) But if for any reason you don't see the service as a benefit then you can cancel by calling customer service. It's that simple.

Have Questions?

The Dragon understands that not everything will be clear to everyone. If you have questions or concerns about me the dragon and how I can save you money, contact me now